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Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering


Joshua Gbogryangn

(BSc., MSc. - Head of Department)

The Civil Engineering Department trains students in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of systems and infrastructure necessary to maintain and improve the built environment. Areas of the focus of Civil Engineering include the transportation system, water and waste management systems and building and construction.

The aim of the programme is to provide theoretical education and practical training to prepare middle level management and supervisory personnel for the Civil Engineering and Construction industry.

Department Units are yet to be populated.

Staff of the Department


Name Academic Qualifications Rank
Joshua Gbogryangn MSc Engineering Project Management , Conventry University,  2015 BSc Civil Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2010 HND Civil Engineering, Takoradi Polytechnic, Takoradi, 2004. Lecturer
Jerry A Asaana MSc Geo Information Science and Earth Observation for Geo-Informatics, University of Twente, Netherland, 2012 BSc Geomatic Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2005 Senior Lecturer
George A. Dordah MSc Geomatic Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2009, BSc Geomatic Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2005 Senior Lecturer
Anna Amankwah-Mintah MSc Water Resources Engineering and Management. KNUST, Kumasi, 2009 BSc Civil Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2006  
Faustina Gyabaah MSc Environmental Science and Policy, Clark University, Massachusetts, 2012  BSc Civil Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi,2006 Lecturer
David Brown MSc Road and Transportation Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2016 BSc Civil Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2007 Lecturer
Francis Archer MSc Construction Management, KNUST, Kumasi, 2016 BSc Architecture, KNUST, Kumasi, 2003. Lecturer
Stephen Salia BSc Civil Engineering, University of Camaguey, Cuba, 1996 Principal Instructor
Richard Awobire BSc Civil Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, 2009 Senior Instructor
Richard Azunre BSc Physics/Physical Science, St John’s University, New York, 2009 Principal Instructor


Future Programmes:

  • a. BTech Civil Engineering (4-years)
  • b. MTech Railway Engineering (2 years)
  • c. MTech Integrated Water Resource Management (2 years)
  • d. MTech Geotechnical Engineering (2 years)
  • e. MTech Transportation Engineering (2 years)