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Department of Building Technology

Department of Building Technology


Surv. Jerry Asaana

(BSc, MSc, MGhIS - Head of Department)

The Department of Building Technology provides high quality, career-focused education and training in construction related programmes with emphasis on practical work and experience, as well as entrepreneurial skills to students.

Our aim is to train students to acquire the requisite competencies to contribute to the development of the construction industry. Over the years, we have turned out highly recommended graduates.

Department Units are yet to be populated.

Staff of the Department

Name of staff Qualification Area of specialization Rank
Surv. Jerry A. Asaana MSc Geo- Informatics (Twente University, The Netherlands), BSc. Geomatic Engineering (KNUST, Ghana), MGhIS GIS, remote sensing,  and Land Surveying Senior Lecturer
Arch.Stephen Allan-Ballara PhD Architecture (Pending, (University of Auckland, New Zealand), MSc., BSc. Architecture (KNUST, Ghana), AGIA Architecture and Construction Technology Lecturer
Surv.CallistusTengan DPhil, Civil Engineering (Pending, University of Johannesburg, South Africa),MPhil, Construction Tech., (UEW-Kumasi), BSc.Construction Technology(KNUST), MGhIS HND HND. HND Construction Engineering and Quantity surveying Lecturer
Engr. Napoleon Kuebutornye K. D M-Tech. Construction Tech., (UEW-Kumasi) BSc. Quantity surveying and construction economics (KNUST), Quantity surveying and construction economics Lecturer
Engr Francis A. Ayam MSc. Construction Management (KNUST)BTech. Building Tech., HND Construction management Lecturer
Engr. Asubonteng Joseph. A M-Tech. Construction Tech.(UEW-Winneba) B.Tech., Building Tech., Construction Technology and Project management Lecturer
Engr. Tom  M. Asigri M-Tech. Construction Tech. (UEW-Kumasi), BSc., Construction Technology Lecturer
Mr. Minyila Roland M-Tech. Construction Tech, Bed Educ Construction. (UEW-Winneba) Construction Management Lecturer
Arch. SaeedAkannah .Junior Master of Architecture, BSc. (KNUST) Architecture and Construction Technology Lecturer


Upcoming programmes (HND & B-Tech)

The following tertiary and non-tertiary programmes are currently under consideration to be introduced in the next academic year starting 2018/2019.

Tertiary Programs

  • Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) in Building Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) in Estate Management
  • Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) in Facility Management
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Estate Management
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Facility Management

Non-Tertiary Programs

  • Advanced Block laying and concreting craft
  • Construction Technician course I (CTC I)
  • Construction Technician course II (CTC II)
  • Construction Technician course III (CTC III)