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Department of Ecological Agriculture

Department of Ecological Agriculture

Gabriel A. Asumboya

(BSc, MPhil, - Head of Department)

The Department of Ecological Agriculture is one of the five academic departments in the School of Applied Sciences and Arts. It was establish in the 2008/2009 Academic year to play a unique role in the training of Agricultural graduates to provide the needed support for sustainable development of the Agriculture sector in the country. We strive to become the anchor of excellence for training and producing well rounded agricultural graduates with ecological knowledge and skills to manage our natural resources for sustainable agriculture.

Department Units are yet to be populated.

Staff of the Department

Name of staff Qualification Area of specialization Rank
Joseph Kinansua Laary PhD, Crop Science, Univ. of Ghana, Legon, 2014. MPhil, Crop Science, Univ. of Ghana, Legon, 2002. BSc, General Agriculture, Univ. of Ghana, Legon, 1999. Agronomy Snr. Lecturer/Vice Rector
Peter Osei Boamah PhD, Env’tal Sci. & Engineering, Jiangsu Univ. China, 2014. MPhil. Irrigation Technology, UCC, Cape Coast, 2008. BSc. Agriculture. UCC, Cape Coast, 2004. Environmental Sci. and Irrigation Tech. Snr. Lecturer/Dean of Students
Ayimbire G. Abonuusum PhD. Biological Sci., KNUST, Kumasi, 2011. BSc. Biological Sci., KNUST, 2002. Microbiology Lecturer
Mercy Marilyn Akpalu (Mrs.) MSc, Agronomy, KNUST, Kumasi, 2010. BSc. Agric Sci., KNUST, Kumasi, 2000. Agronomy Snr. Lecturer
James Anaba Akolgo MPhil, Agric Administration, Univ. of Ghana, Legon, 2007. BSc. Agric. Tech. UDS, Tamale, 2003 Agric Economics Lecturer
Gabriel Atubila Asumboya MPhil, Environmental Sci. Univ. of Ghana, Legon, 2007. BSc. Agriculture Tech. UDS, Tamale, 2003. Environmental Sci. Lecturer - HoD
Jacqueline Onumah MSc. Management of Agro-ecological knowledge and Social Change, Wageningen Univ. Netherlands, 2010. BSc. Agriculture, UCC, Cape Coast, 2004. Agric. Extension Snr. Lecturer
Daniel Oppong-Sekyere MSc, Agronomy & Plant Breeding, KNUST, Kumasi, 2011. BSc. Agricultural Sci., KNUST, Kumasi, 2005 Agronomy and Plant Breeding Snr. Lecturer/Dean of SASA
Abdul-Rahaman Saibu Salifu MSc, Animal Nutrition, KNUST, Kumasi, 2012.  BSc, Agriculture Tech., UDS, Tamale, 2008. Animal Nutrition Snr. Lecturer
Ninfaa Dery Augustus MSc, Postharvest Technology, KNUST, Kumasi, 2011. BSc. Agriculture Tech., UDS, Tamale, 2007. Postharvest Technology Snr. Lecturer
Bright B. Yintii MA, Env’tal Security. & Livelihood Change, UDS, Tamale. 2014. BSc. Agriculture Tech., UDS, Tamale, 2007. Agricultural Science and Climate Change Lecturer
Samuel Apuri MPhil, Postharvest Technology, KNUST, Kumasi, 2014. BSc. Agriculture Tech., UDS, Tamale,2009 Postharvest Technology Lecturer
Richard Akazotiyele HND, Ecological Agric. Bolgatanga Poly, Bolgatanga, 2011 Crop Science Senior Technician
Agolisi Mahamadu Halidu BSc. Agriculture Sci., Methodist Univ., Legon, 2016.  HND, Ecological Agric., Bolgatanga Poly, Bolgatanga,  2011. Crop Science Senior Technician


Units of the Department

  • 1. Animal Science
  • 2. Crop and Soil Sciences
  • 3. Soil and Water Resources Management
  • 4. Agri-Business and Extension
  • 5. Environmental Management


  • 1. 2-Year Top-Up Programme in B-Tech Ecological Agriculture
  • 2. 4-year (B-Tech) Ecological Agriculture