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Department of Industrial Art

Department of Industrial Art

Patrick Huxley Kojo Kokonu

(BA, MPhil, - Head of Department)

The Industrial Art Department runs an HND programme with options in Ceramics, Fashion Design & Textiles, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Textiles, Leatherworks and Creative Painting and Painting & Decoration. The Department’s focus is to train artistic and creative graduates in both 2 and 3 dimensional art forms, capable of meeting the growing manpower needs of industries. The Department aims at becoming a centre of excellence for training competent and career-focused artists who will energize the art industry and impact directly on the economies of countries.

The Department seeks to promote the growth and quality of local arts and crafts through research and infusion of modern technology, encourage the study of Industrial Art at higher academic levels and provide the creative manpower in the field of the visual arts to feed industry, prepare graduates to establish careers in their chosen areas of specialization and further train local artisans and entrepreneurs in identifying and promoting the use of local raw materials, knowledge and skills to manage our natural resources for sustainable Art.

Staff of the Department

Name of Staff Qualification/Year obtained and Place Area of specialization Rank
Duut George Nangpaak PhD. 2014,University of Education, Winneba, MA African Art & Culture, 2008/ KNUST, B. Ed Art Education,2002,UEW Arts & Culture Lecturer
Amenyo Dzikunu-Bansah MFA, 2006 KNUST, Kumasi, BFA. Painting, 2002, KNUST, Kumasi Painting & Drawing Lecturer
Wemegah Rolland MA African Art & Culture, 2010/ KNUST, Kumasi B.A. Art Painting. 1999, KNUST, Kumasi. African Art & Culture Snr. Lecturer/Head, Research & Development
Christopher Oppong MFA, Sculpture, KNUST, 2006, Kumasi, BFA. Sculpture, KNUST, 2003 Kumasi Sculpture Lecturer
Patrick H. K. Kokonu MPhil, KNUST, Kumasi. 2010. BA. Art (Sculpture), 1992, KNUST, Kumasi. African Art & Culture Lecturer/HOD
Osei-Sarfo Frank MA, Art Education, 2013 KNUST,Kumasi, B.Ed Art Education,2001/ UEW Art Education Lecturer
Abubakar Musah Ibrahim-Dey MFA, 2016 KNUST, Kumasi, B. A. Industrial Art- 2006,Ceramics, KNUST Industrial Art- Ceramics Lecturer
Georgina Adongo MTech  2016 University of Education,  Winneba B. Ed. Fashion, 2008, UEW Fashion Design and Textiles Lecturer
Lucy Agaasa MTech, 2015 University of Education, Winneba B. Ed Fashion, 2008,UEW Fashion Design and Textiles Lecturer
Christopher Kwabena Nchor MFA, 2007 KNUST,  Kumasi BA. Art (Sculpture), 2000, KNUST, Kumasi Sculpture Lecturer
Nsoh Adongo MA, 2010  KNUST,  Kumasi BA. Art Education, 2002,  KNUST, Kumasi Art Education Lecturer
Daniel Akuoko Adjei MPhil, Art Education, 2014 KNUST,  Kumasi,BA. Industrial Art (Textiles), 2006 KNUST, Kumasi Art Education Lecturer



  •  2-Year Top-Up Programme in Industrial Arts
  •  4-year (B-Tech) Programme in Industrial Arts