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Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Isaac G. Dukuh

(BSc.,MSc,Ph.D - Head of Department)

The Agricultural Engineering Department applies the competency based teaching approach to train students in the field of Soil and Water engineering, Postharvest technology and Agricultural Mechanization and Machine maintenance. The focus of this approach is to give to students practical skills with entrepreneurship. Our graduates are trained to fit into the requirements of industry and also to be able to start their own jobs in the field of agriculture. Our graduates are highly commended by industry.

Soil and Water Engineering (Irrigation Technology) Unit

The Soil and Water Unit is one of the three units of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and is solely responsible for training students in the specialization of soil and water engineering of the composite programme of Agricultural Engineer ...

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Post-Harvest Technology Unit

This Unit is equipped with a standard laboratory for the purpose of teaching and research in postharvest technology and management of agricultural produce. Some of the activities that can be handled in the postharvest laboratory include: Oven-dryi ...

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Agricultural Mechanisation and Machine Maintenance Unit

The Mechanization Unit of the Department of Agricultural Engineering is responsible for the training of students in the area of design and manufacturing of agricultural tools and implements as well as repair and maintenance of Agricultural machine ...

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Staff of the Department

Name of staff Qualification Area of specialization Rank
Isaac Gibberson Dukuh, PhD PhD (2017, UCC, Cape Coast), M.Phil.,Agric. Eng, 2002, UCC, Cape Coast B.Sc. Gen. Agric. UCC, 1996, Cape Coast Postharvest Technology Senior Lecturer
Samuel D. Agyegelone EMBA, 2009, GIMPA, Gh. B.Sc. (Agric. Eng.), 1990, KNUST, Kumasi Entrepreneurial Development Lecturer
Maurice M. Braimah MA (2014,UDS, Tamale) B.Ed. Agric. Eng., 2008, The Netherlands Climate change & Food Security Lecturer
Paul A. Asagadunga M. Tech Ed. (2015, UEW-Winneba, B.Sc. Agric. Eng., 1993, Univ. Of Belgrade, 1993, Yugoslovia Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Joseph Apodi M. Tech Ed. (2014, UEW- Winneba BSc . Mech. Eng., 2009, KNUST, Kumasi Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
John Akolgo M.Tech. Ed. UEW- Winneba,  2015, M.Ed. (T.Ed.), M.Ed. B.Ed. Voca. Techn., 2002, UEW, Winneba Mechanical Engineering, Lecturer
Edward Naabil, PhD PhD (2016, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria) M.Sc. Water Res. Eng. Mgt. Scotland, 2009 B.Sc. Agric. Tech. 2005, UDS, Tamale Climate and Water Resources Snr. Lecturer/Dean - Sch of Eng.
Tayari Salifu M.Sc (2011, KNUST-Kumasi) B.Sc. Geodetic Eng., 2006,KNUST, Kumasi Soil and Water Eng. Senior Lecturer
Asaa Akunai Abunkudugu M.Sc  Soil & Water Eng., 2013, KNUST-Kumasi Member, MGhIS, B.Sc. Geodetic Eng., 2004, KNUST, Kumasi Soil and Water Eng. Lecturer
Alubokin, Anthony Akurugo M.Sc. 2016, KNUST-Kumasi) B.Sc. Agric. Techn., 2011, UDS, Tamale Agricultural Machinery Eng. Lecturer


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