Department of Statistics

Background Information

Statistics has been an indispensable tool in policy and decision making. It is use in monitoring and evaluation of strategies and programmes design to accelerate meaningful and sustainable development.
There is an ever-increasing awareness of the fact that statisticians are critically needed in both develop and developing countries. Their role is to collect, collect, processes, analyze and disseminate data to address challenging developmental programmes and processes. This is because decision making needed to accelerate development is greatly dependant on empirical data. Such data are needed to facilitate the crucial task of planning programmes design to improve human welfare.
The statistics department was the first to be accredited to admit students in the polytechnic in 2003/2004 academic year.


The HND statistics programme is tailored towards:

The programme emphasize the acquisition of practical and problem solving skills that enable students to relate what they learn in the classroom to what is done in practice. This is to enable play more meaningful roles in addressing current developmental problems at the national, regional and community levels.
The programme, therefore provides ‘linked’ or complementary courses that answer the basic questions of data collection, analysis, interpretation, publication and dissemination.


To produce graduates who are career-focused and have hands-on direction suitable to the industry, community and country at large.


The mission of the department is to offer programmes which concentrate on courses that are career-base and thus, assist in finding solution, to the challenges of industry, administration and socio-economic development as a whole.

Staff of the Department of Statistics




Gaspar Asampana

MSc, BSc Lecturer/HoD 

Donatus Anana Nyaaba

MSc., B.Ed

Lecturer/Dean,Sch. of Applied Science & Arts

Sylvester Alosum Anaba

MSc., B.Ed

Lecturer/ Examinations officer

Francis Adongo Atintono

MSc, B.Ed


Henry Mantieebe Kpamma

MSc, BSc


Benjamin Apam

MSc, BSc


Abdul-Majeed Michael N. Ayebire

MPhil, BSc


Rafiatu Imoro

MSc, BSc


Haruna Baako

MSc, BSc


Nantomah K. Kassim

MPhil, B.Ed


Inusah Mahama


Principal Instructor