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The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is an association which represents the entirety of students of Bolgatanga Polytechnic. It is the mouthpiece of students on all matters that concern them.

Bolgatanga Polytechnic has about 1, 430 students across the Applied Science and Arts, Business and Management Studies and Engineering Schools. Students are admitted into the Polytechnic every year in September.

Students' lives and matters are governed by the laws of the Republic of Ghana, the Statutes of the Polytechnic and the Constitution of the SRC.

Students are admitted into Halls and managed by Hall Tutors. The Hall Tutors and Management have always worked hard to offer students a safe and healthy living environment. Hence, Students at Bolgatanga Polytechnic live and progress through their academic programmes based on acceptable behaviour and by continuously collaborating with SRC and Hall Reps in identifying and reporting any accommodation problems and trying to solve them with the help of Management, thereby making life pleasant.